Redding’s Chiropractic Answer To Chronic Back Pain

Your back is the centerpiece of your body. Every part of your physiology, from muscles to  life-giving nerves, is anchored by the spine. When your back is out of whack, you notice!

Even a minor back injury can result in debilitating pain.

Back pain is noticeable no matter what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting down for a piping hot plate of baby back ribs or in the middle of an intense CrossFit workout, virtually any and every life activity is affected when you’re experiencing back pain.

After working with thousands of patients in similar situations, we’ve come to deeply understand the pain and frustration a chronic condition can cause. We understand the hassle even a minor tweak can create within your busy schedule. At Chiropractic First, our mission is to eliminate your pain by re-aligning your body into it’s natural position. Through our state-of-the-art rehabilitation programs, we do everything possible to make sure that pain never returns and you function at your highest possible level.  And the best part is, it really, really works!

3 Common Types of Back Pain

As you are probably aware, not all pain is created equal. If you are experiencing back pain, it will probably be fit into one of these three common descriptions. Take a look below and let us know which type of pain you’re experiencing when you visit our office.

  1. Axial Pain – This type of pain, also referred to as “mechanical pain,” typically manifests as either a sharp, intermittent pain or a constant dull pain. Axial pain is the most common type faced by our patients and is most frequently the result of strained, stressed, or overworked muscles.
  2. Referred Pain – This type of pain is usually a deep ache or a dull, radiating pain. It is most easily classified by its tendency to migrate through the body, transitioning slowly from point to point along your back and often varying in its intensity. Referred pain is almost always the result of nerve damage, particularly the interconnecting sensory nerves in one’s lower back.
  3. Radicular Pain – This type of pain is more extreme, often characterized by deep, far-reaching pain radiating throughout the entire back or another extremity. Numbness, tingling, and weakness are common symptoms. Radicular pain is caused by either compression or inflammation of a spinal nerve root.

If you are experiencing these or any other form of back pain, contact our office to set up a consultation. You don’t have to live with debilitating back pain anymore!

Where Medical Science Meets The Power of Touch

We’ve all been through the cold white hallways of a local hospital. Drugs, needles, and surgeries certainly have their place, but so much of modern medicine neglects the human element of healing. You don’t have to be a hippy, spiritualist, or mystic to understand the power of touch. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated time and time again that human touch has a powerful healing effect on both mind and body.

For centuries, chiropractic-style healing of the body has existed as an alternative form of non-invasive medical treatment. In recent years, however, the medical world has begun to discover the hard science behind our principles, allowing for a revolution in chiropractic treatment!

Chiropractic First is proud to offer this revolutionary new style! Known as Chiropractic BioPhysics, our treatment uses advanced spine research to structurally realign the human musculoskeletal system into its ideal position. Through the use of trained physical touch, specific exercises, and scientific rehabilitation, we are able to eliminate back pain and restore many of our patients to full mobility and full function!

Is Chiropractic First Right for You?

We understand that our services aren’t for everyone. At Chiropractic First, we are all about the joy of restoration. We love to have fun while seeing our patients transformed before our eyes. If you are looking for a strictly ordered, hospital-like environment, we probably aren’t right for you.

At Chiropractic First, there’s just a hint of gleeful chaos in the air. Nothing makes us happier than seeing people like you recover from long-term injuries and experience the joy of living. Our office is for those desiring the rejuvenation of human contact, combined with painstakingly-researched techniques designed to finally eliminate that persistent pain from your back.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, or coffee, if you prefer, contact us today! We can’t wait to meet you! Call (530) 243-0889 or fill out our contact form online.