What Exactly Does A Chiropractic Doctor Do?

There seems to be a lot of confusion today about what exactly a chiropractic doctor does. Throughout our many years in business, we’ve heard a lot of misconceptions, so we wanted to offer a quick guide to chiropractic treatment.

A Non-Invasive, Natural Alternative

The core belief of chiropractors is that the spine is a fundamental part of overall health and well-being. In past centuries, medical treatment was a very hands-on process. There was a core  element of human interaction and touch.

Today, drugs have become the mainstay of medical treatment, and too often, the human element is entirely neglected. With the rise of billion-dollar pharmaceutical firms and multinational insurance firms, drugs are being prescribed for anything and everything.

Society has been so completely propagated with a drug-first mindset, that few realize how limited these drugs are.

Drugs DO NOT fix anything!

They are simply designed to mask symptoms, dull senses, or temporarily trigger physical responses.

Drugs DO NOT address the underlying problems!

If you walk in the doctor’s office with neck pain, he or she will prescribe you some pain pills. Then when those run out, you will go get some more. The doctor gets paid, the pharmaceutical company gets paid, and you continue experiencing pain.

Perhaps, if the pain is unbearable, you’ll go in for surgery, after which you’ll be put on more drugs and possibly go in for follow-up surgeries.

Chiropractic treatment is a non-invasive, natural alternative to the drug-happy mainstream. We are, as founder D.D. Palmer put it, “a science of healing without drugs.”

Chiropractic is NOT a pseudoscience. We are not hippies, mystics, or positive thinkers (okay, we do think pretty positively).

Chiropractic IS advanced spinal research utilized to bring your body into proper alignment.

We don’t believe in quick-fixes or band-aids. Our highly-skilled physicians use a combination of trained physical touch, personalized exercise, and scientific rehabilitation to affect tangible transformation within our patients.

The Lifetime Injury Trend

Many of our patients walk into our doors with an extensive history of injuries. The initial issue could have started with a high school sports injury or freak accident, but the common thread is always recurring pain and repeated injury.

These patients have been to the doctor 100 times.
They’ve been prescribed every type of pain drug imaginable.

They walk into our office with little hope. For some, it’s a last resort.

The fact is, our system works. We we’ve worked with thousands of these patients and watched them walk out of our doors, pain free, after only a few months of treatment.

We aren’t talking about a quick fix.
Our patients walk away with a lasting recovery.

Here’s what a few of them have to say about our treatment:

I went to Dr. Todd after being injured in a car accident that gave me whiplash. I was so sore and could hardly turn my neck in any direction. After only one adjustment, I could move more and felt less pain! Dr. Todd’s friendly staff made the experience much better than I had imagined it would be. Thank you for taking such good care of me!” – Darlene V.

“I have had MRI’s that said I have had chronic sinusitis for years. With 3 adjustments of my sinuses, I realized I can now take a FULL breath, and I realized that I have not been breathing through my nose. Now, I am re-learning how! Hooray for Chiropractic First!” – Julie H.

“I saw Dr. Todd after many years of chronic pain. Within a couple of months of therapy I began to see a major difference in my upper body pain and my sleep. I am still working on lower body pain but I see a difference and it no longer controls my life. Thank you Dr. Todd for your time and education that you have invested in your patients.” – Patricia D.

Are You Ready To Leave Your Pain Behind?

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