A Chiropractic Guide to Disc Pain in Redding, CA

Disc pain is one of the worst types of back pain. It can be incredibly severe and completely eliminate your mobility. If you are experiencing extreme pain in your spine, there is a high probability that some form of disc damage has occurred.

Spinal discs are rubber-like pads planted firmly between the spine’s vertebrae. The consist of elastic inner core and a fibrous outer membrane. The purpose of the discs is to absorb shock to your spine as well as keep the bony vertebrae from rubbing against each other. As you age, the blood flow to your discs ceases and they become harder and more prone to injury.

Your Body Is Warning You That Something Is Wrong!

Many people don’t realize that pain is a tool your body uses to help correct problematic situations. When you experience an injury, the associated pain is your brain’s way of telling you something is wrong.

Imagine fracturing your foot without experiencing any pain. You would continue to walk on it and perform normal activities as the damage increased to the point of immobilization. Pain alerts you to the problem, causing you to refrain from activities that exacerbate the damage.

Your brain is hardwired to keep you kickin’! Often, the more fragile or vital the damaged area, the more the excruciating the pain. This is exactly why the pain from disc damage can be so intense. Your spine is both relatively fragile and incredibly vital to your musculoskeletal system. If you feel pain in your spain, contact our office immediately for help!

What is a Herniated Disc?

The most common form of disc damage is the herniated disc. With a herniated disc, the disc’s inner core swells and busts through the outer membrane. The distorted disc can put pressure on surrounding nerves, causing severe pain. While some patients do not notice an immediate loss of mobility from a herniated disc, it is not a condition to take lightly.

If the disc is not allowed to heal, further injury can lead to disc rupture or tear, causing back spasms and pain in the extremities. Most individuals will experience an extreme loss of mobility in the event of a disc rupture, and a herniated disc should never be allowed to progress this far!

Effective Treatment for Disc Pain

The primary cause for disc pain is spine misalignment. Over the course of life, many of us will experience a combination of poor posture, shocks to the spine, and age-driven degeneration. Simply re-aligning your spine can prevent all manner of back injuries from occurring in the first place.

At Chiropractic First, we use Chiropractic BioPhysics, a state-of-the-art treatment system that uses advanced spinal research to shift the spine back into it’s naturally ideal position. Our highly skilled staff utilized a combination of trained physical touch, personalized exercises, and methodical rehabilitation to eliminate our patients’ disc pain and restore mobility.

It’s Time To Get Well!

If you’ve been suffering from disc pain, it’s time to get well. You are far too valuable to continue suffering.

You may have had doctors throwing drug prescriptions your way for years? Have they worked? Of course not! Drugs simply dull your senses. They don’t actually fix anything.

We have no interest in band-aids. Our team is committed to seeing you fully restored. And guess what!? Our program works!

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