Pediatric Chiropractic Care: Before All Else, Safety

At Chiropractic First, nothing is more important than your health and safety. In fact, the health and wellbeing of you and your children is at the heart of our mission and at the center of our practice.

We take all possible steps to ensure the safety of your child during your visits, from carefully researching each of our methods to giving each of our patients the time, attention, and level of care that he or she requires.

Is Chiropractic Care for Kids Safe?

Science has shown that pediatric chiropractic adjustments for children of all ages are both safe and effective. In one study published in Explore: The Journal of Science & Healing, researchers found that, in a study of hundreds of children and chiropractors, chiropractic care was overwhelmingly safe.

Another study, published in Clinical Chiropractic in 2011, found that no serious adverse effects of pediatric chiropractic care have been reported in scientific literature since 1992 – and that modern chiropractic care within the established framework is safe.

Safety & Kids at Chiropractic First

What do we specifically do to provide a safe and effective experience for kids at Chiropractic First? Here are just a few of our policies, qualifications, and precautions:

  • We provide a safe office and environment. From the time your kids enter our office to the time they leave, they will be safe and comfortable – from our friendly and childproof waiting room to our examination room.
  • We carefully research all pediatric chiropractic methods. We believe strongly in evidence-based practice – and your child will never be a part of any adjustment that isn’t backed by research and studies.
  • We have many years of experience working with kids. Todd has been helping kids with a wide array of health issues through his chiropractic care for 17 years, including all four of his own boys.
  • We always err on the side of safety. We always take a close look at your child’s medical history before making an adjustment – and we never take risks with kids or with any of our patients.
  • We work with your pediatrician, not against him or her. We work to help your child in addition to the help that he or she is receiving from a medical doctor because we find that this always offers the best and safest overall care to your child.

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Many children have benefited from pediatric chiropractic adjustments – could your child benefit as well?

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