A Chiropractic Guide To Sciatic Pain in Redding, CA

While many people are familiar with the name, sciatica refers to a relatively common set of symptoms involving pain in the legs and lower back. It is caused by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerves, which come from the vertebrae in the lower back. Have you experienced numbness or shooting pains from your back into the legs? If so, you are probably experiencing a type of sciatica and should come in for treatment before further nerve damage takes place.

Common Symptoms of Sciatica

As with most types of nerve damage, sciatica can be extremely painful and immobilizing. Common symptoms include:

  • Increased pain while sitting
  • Numbness and immobility in the leg or foot
  • Perpetual pain on the side of the buttocks or legs
  • A sharp pain that makes walking or standing difficult
  • A tingling, dull ache, or burning sensation down the leg

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you could be suffering from irritation to your sciatic nerves. The problem will persist until addressed. Don’t settle for pain! Contact us today if you’re ready to leave pain behind.

Highly Researched Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica

Spinal adjustments and rehabilitation at the hands of our highly trained doctors are designed to bring your body into proper alignment and permanently correct your problem. Pain medication and steroid injections don’t address the root cause of misalignment. By correcting your spine’s alignment, pressure and irritation are removed from your sciatic nerves, eliminating pain and allowing you to gain mobility. At Chiropractic First, our treatment isn’t just nice feelings and positive thinking. While we absolutely believe in the power of positive perspective, our techniques have been exhaustively researched and represent the most advanced level of spinal care available anywhere in the world. Known as Chiropractic BioPhysics, this advanced spine expertise is used to structurally realign the human musculoskeletal system into its ideal position. We utilize trained physical touch, customized exercises, and scientific rehabilitation to eliminate back pain and restore many of our patients to full function and mobility!

Are You Ready To Kiss Sciatica Pain Goodbye?

At Chiropractic First, we love people. We want to help you. You aren’t just a number to us, but rather, a unique individual with a remarkable story. Our downtown Redding office has just a touch of cheerful chaos in the air. We like doing real life with our clients, and we’ve seen time and time again that happy people make the biggest recoveries. If you’re in pain, please, let us help you. Contact us today; it’s time to kiss pain goodbye! Call (530) 243-0889 or fill out our contact form online.