Family Care.

We all want the best for our family (even though mom often puts herself last!) Many, many of our clients have their entire families come in on a regular basis. They notice that gentle adjustments to mom and dad, their children from minutes old till off to college and later, and even grandma and grandpa benefit immensely. We use different techniques on a 100-year-old than we do on the 17 year-old great-grandson football player, but they all benefit from healthy spines.

We know you want the best for your family. Although the idea of family chiropractic care is new for some, the hundreds of families we take care of on a regular basis love the benefits of regular chiropractic care. Parents feel less stress, are more productive, are sick far less, and enjoy life more. Every body just works better when the spine and nervous system are healthy. Our expert care will help you get the most out of yours, helping your family live an abundant life!


Just learning to walk, you and I fell enough times in a day to hospitalize an adult. And have you seen a birth lately? Talk about traumatic! We have been blessed to adjust literally thousands of babies and children over the years. We’ve been present at many births and checked many children within minutes of their first breath. According to research of Abraham Towbin, MD, from Harvard University, over 90% of babies born in the U.S. have subluxations, or misalignments of the spine and pelvis, from birth. Most of these subluxations occur in the top two neck bones, the atlas and axis, and are due to difficulty in the birth canal or from forceful extraction from the attending doctor. According to Dr. Towbin, these subluxations are a significant cause of ear infections, asthma, attention issues, and many health problems so many children experience.

Gentle pediatric chiropractic can bring tremendous relief to these precious children. An adjustment to an infant is so delicate that it’s hard to tell it’s even happening when you’re watching. My adjustments use about the same amount of force you’d use to check if a tomato is ripe. But they are incredibly specific and precise. Just ask any parent whose kids we take care of…it makes a huge difference in their lives. We are so honored to be trusted with your most valuable gift, your children! And we take wonderful care of them!!!


Pregnancy can be challenging on mothers and their babies! Specific chiropractic can be of tremendous help. Neck tension, stress in the shoulders, and headaches are usually a no-brainer. It’s surprising to a lot of mamas how much relief they can get! Lower back pain sufferers get tremendous relief from our specific, gentle care.

But the reason for chiropractic during pregnancy can be even more important than that. God’s amazing design of the mother’s body is supposed to provide a very safe, nurturing environment for the child. But that all changes when it’s out of alignment.

There are six ligaments that suspend the uterus inside the mother. They all attach to the spine and the pelvis. If the spine and pelvis are out of alignment, it creates tremendous strain on the uterus. This strain creates a hostile environment for the child. It is a very common reason for breech presentations, subluxations (misalignments) in the child’s spine, neck, and cranial bones, and difficulty in labor and delivery. Efforts to turn the child or manipulate the position in the womb are often futile. If the uterus is twisted out of alignment, the mother and baby suffer!

Gentle, specific care involving adjustments to the spine, pelvis, and sacrum can bring welcome relief. The Webster Technique is a system we use of turning breach babies by using traditional chiropractic adjustments with ligament mobilization. It has an 85% success rate of turning breech babies, while easing pressure, pain, and tension off the mother. Babies born of mothers under chiropractic care function much better. Just ask any chiro mama!

Spinal Rehab.

Sometimes people think they’re too far gone for chiropractic care. I see it all the time. Disc issues, stenosis, degenerative joint/ disc disease, “too much pain,” I see them all every day. I know what it’s like to be in severe pain. I had a severe mountain bike crash that broke my back and nearly paralyzed me.
I wish I’d known about Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) then! In 15 years of caring for people with the best in traditional chiropractic adjustments, I’ve seen some crazy healing miracles. It’s awesome! But there were people who had issues that could not be handled by traditional chiropractic, as difficult as that was for me. Since I was a kid I’ve been a “problem solver.” I’m one of those guys who pulls over to the side of the road to help people all the time. It’s just the way I’m wired. I have to help people. My wife usually loves it but she’s seen me put myself in a little more danger than perhaps I should. But that’s another story…

When I find I can’t help someone with traditional chiropractic and I know that they’re going to go have surgery unless I fix them, it drives me crazy. Spinal surgery is often bad news. Nobody wants it. So when I discovered CBP, it changed my world. This system had incredible amounts of science (a passion from my undergrad at UCLA) and a track record of helping people in serious conditions. So I had to go to school in Idaho for the next two years to learn the system. There’s a LOT to know about spinal rehabilitation done right, even to a Doctor of Chiropractic. So I learned it. And now we’re helping a huge amount of people get better through the state-of-the-art in scientific spinal rehabilitation that uses analysis, exercises, traction, and correction tailor-made to each individual, that is unlike anything else. In fact, there’s no one else in the north state trained to do it. But we love helping people with it every day!


Just ask any pro athlete. Nearly every one of them gets adjusted on a regular basis. They perform better. They recover from injuries faster. They feel better. It’s crazy to play sports without regular chiropractic care. Once you do it regularly, you’ll never go back.

Try it! As a former Ironman triathlete, competitive mountain bike racer, competitive CrossFitter, kayaker, hunter, and all around fun guy ☺, I understand the challenges you face day to day…balancing work, family, pursuing God’s call on your life…it can get overwhelming.

You don’t have time or energy to do everything, all the time. Come see what it means to have your POWER ON…I promise you will value the time, energy, and money you spent to do it! You’re worth it!

Rhino 10/10 Wellness.

Founded by teacher and clinical consultant to chiropractors all over the world, Dr. Todd Royse.

Nutrition and fitness have always been a passion of mine, as an Ironman triathlete and marathoner to competitive CrossFit athlete. I love teaching and chose to help others pursue their fitness dreams by coaching triathletes and becoming a certified CrossFit trainer and CrossFit Kids trainer.

These varied methods have helped me know what brings people the kind of fitness that leads to life-long health and body excellence. I am blessed to serve others by “putting it all together” with Rhino 10/10! I think you will find it a thorough, easy plan to attain and keep fantastic health well into your 80’s, 90’s, and 100+!

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